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The Dutch DARES foundation is a Emergency communication partner run by Amateur Radio Operators that can be deployed when the telecommunications infrastructure of the regular emergency services has failed or are insufficient. A DARES team operates under the responsibility of a regional and national governement department as well international. DARES is capable of realizing a radio emergency network in a short period of time, providing local and regional, national and international message traffic. speech and experimental radio e-mail. This can be done both independently and in combination with a network partner, including the Ministry of Defense.

DARES co-operates with Ray-net (UK), ARES (USA), Notfunk (DE), B-EARS (BE) and many other Emcomm partners and is a full GAREC member

For more information and contact the board, please send an email to contact (at) dares (.) nl


Board members:


Ton Gielen      PA1TGI      Chairman 
Jan Rozema     PA7O     Secretary / IARU1 Assistant Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator
Wim Visch     PG9W     Treasurer / IARU1 Emergency Communications Coordinator


Sjaak de Gouw physician  Consultant
Hans Baardscheer MPM PE1AAY  
Gerard van Groningen PD0JEW  



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Bankgegevens: Stichting DARES * Rekeningnummer: 4839455 * IBAN: NL75INGB0004839455 * BIC: INGBNL2A * Banknaam: ING BANK NV * Kvk Nummer : 28101264